How to use Bitcoins to Hedge against another Crash

Bitcoins have certainly had their ups and downs lately, and their value has swung around like a windsock in a storm, but hitherto, there hasn’t been a way to profit when they’re in decline. Seeing this gap in the market, a new start-up called Tera Group, based in New Jersey, has opened an exchange where speculators can bet on the fortunes of the Bitcoin, whether it shoots up, or plummets down. They need to get permission to trade from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, but in the meantime Read more [...]

Unique Business Ideas the World Needs

With job opportunities seemingly drying up, starting your own business is becoming increasingly in vogue. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to start your own business but, in order for it to succeed, you need something that is innovative and new. There’s no point reinventing the wheel, so to speak, as simply redoing ideas that have already been done makes your business much less likely to succeed. Some of the statistics on the number of businesses that have failed really are startling but, Read more [...]

Professional speakers are just that, professional

When we talk about professional speakers, we are talking about every speaker who is available from a professional speakers’ agency. But most of these speakers have a particular topic or theme attached to their talk. They could be leaders in the world of business, they could be famous sporting men or women, and they could be entertainers or people who have achieved outstanding results in a particular field or fields of endeavour. But every one of these speakers is a professional. Their attitude Read more [...]

How to Prepare Your Home for a Quick Sale

If you own property in Surrey, you not only offer home buyers stunning views of the countryside but also a closeness to London that makes commuting easily achieved. From beautiful golf courses to the natural beauty of the wooded landscape, your home is certain to sell quickly when you follow some steps for preparing it to appear as attractive to potential buyers as possible. Let’s look at some tips for selling your home quickly and efficiently in today’s difficult market. Clean Read more [...]

7 Steps to Viral Marketing Success

The production and promotion of viral content is still a core part of many business’ marketing strategies, and with viral success comes recognition for small and start-up enterprises and affirmation for large, market-leading corporations. However, for many marketers, going viral can be a little hit and miss… We have devised 7 steps to viral marketing success so that your next campaign has all the ingredients to become an epidemic with your target audience and beyond! 1. Think outside the Read more [...]